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Invention, innovation, creation; whatever you wish to call it, in simple terms, requires finding a solution.

Without a challenge or problem there can be no point to your idea.

Therefore at first you have to understand the problem.

uncomplicated products for our
complicated lives

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We hope to create products both new and refreshed that make the biggest impact, leaving the smallest footprint.

3D Printing has taken the world by storm both domestically and commercially. This process is now enabling creators and innovators to easily produce their ideas.

And with the vast choice of materials available now, means the possibilities are endless

And with the vast choice of materials available now, means the possibilities are endless.

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Having a varied range of interests, pastimes and pursuits; our developing products are as a result of personal experience or frustration.

In an ideal world Product Development consists of

The reality of Product Development

In reality, this is what actually goes on behind the scene

3D printing

3D printing

Following the idea you convert these thoughts to CAD, followed by a printed 3D prototype in order to feel it, hold it and test it.
cargo ship


When manufactured abroad the lengthy process of shipping begins. Large container ships, capable of carrying 15,000 x 40 foot long containers filled with goods deliver them to ports all over the world.


Goods are unloaded and stored in warehouses and wait for customer’s to order. Using integrated software, items are picked and packed ready to be sent out.
manufacturing machine


Following a 3D printed prototype the CAD file is used to create very expensive tooling where finished samples of the product are made and ultimately manufactured.


Containers are lifted from the ship using huge cranes where they are transferred to road freight ready for their land journey to a network of distribution centres.


The final leg of the journey results in the ordered product reaching the consumer, hopefully with a smile!
Product updates

Latest news & updates

Huge thanks

We'd like to pass on our thanks to Ogdens Fulfilment. They've been with us since the start and have delivered well over 1000 Dry-store Multi's to customers all across the country on next day delivery! Unbelievably Ogden's have been in existence for over 150 years and have remained in the same family for all that time. Originally trading in textiles they became heavily experienced in storage, packing and shipping. Over time they adapted this skillset and diversified to provide new services alongside textile manufacturing. And hey presto, Ogden Fulfilment was born! And to be honest we couldn't be happier they decided to diversify - thanks guys!

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Almost 600 orders to date

Wow, we are thrilled to have had almost 600 orders (via Amazon alone) for the Dry-Store multi since our launch, just 5 months ago. Of those orders approximately 20% have ordered at least a 2nd time, some many more! We’re also averaging a 4.8 out of 5 from those customers who have left reviews on Amazon! We couldn’t be prouder and like to think we must be doing something right

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New UK Distributor

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that 3D Printz Ltd, a leading supplier of 3D printing materials and supplies, are now a UK distributor of the Dry-Store multi. They have been providing high-quality filaments, resins, and other 3D printing products to a wide range of customers, from hobbyists to professional engineers since 2016 so it made perfect sense to us to partner up with them.

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