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A Few Words About Us

our products are a result of personal
experience or frustration

Stylox is about finding solutions to everyday problems.

Our Services

The four stages, how it works


A positive can be found in so many negatives; mistakes, errors, problems and challenges, we embrace them all as a hunting ground for inspiration.


We aim to improve an original. The application of better ideas and the practical implementation of an invention. We want to solve the problem you may not realise you have.


CAD and 3D printing techniques converts thinking into reality.


A carefully planned roadmap of the stages will result in a product ready for manufacture.

Our Ethos

how we work

Having a wide range of pastimes and interests we are supplied with an endless pool of opportunities to create, improve or modify.

Call it what you will; the need to alter or change something is product development. By analysing simple, everyday items we embrace change and address the issues.