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Project Description


An outdoor game based on the famous Swedish & Finish wooden games of Kubb and Molkkey but with a cricket twist, making it a little more interesting and skilful. A great family game that everyone can enjoy.

Product Description


An outdoor football game. Some of the best and funniest games are often so basic and simple. We set about creating the concept for this game. As we assembled it and began testing, it soon became clear that it was going to be so much fun. For example, it can be played in the garden, park or beach. Play with any number of people - you just buy more sets. Sold in sets for two players. We are currently talking to toy manufacturers.

Prototypes are now complete and we are currently talking to manufacturers.

Project Description

Motorhome wheel grip

A common problem with most motorhomes is that of wheelspin and loss of traction when parked up on damp or wet grass. Being predominately a front wheel drive vehicle and the fact that they can be very rear heavy, pulling away can quickly turn into a nightmare.

We feel we have addressed the issue and are now in the final prototype proving stage and will soon hopefully be looking at manufacturing. We want owners of this products to have total peace of mind when off on their travels and to make this essential accessory the first thing you buy.

wheel grip
Product Description


Our toolbag has been in development for a number of years now and we feel it is finally ready. The idea and concept is so simple but very effective. The fundamental problem with all toolbags is finding the tool that is buried somewhere inside.

We have addressed this and feel confident that this toolbag is the one everyone has been waiting for.

Project Description

Heated gloves

Another product that has been in the making for several years now. The original brief was to have the ability to inject a little heat into an outdoor glove without having to use batteries or chemical based gel packs that are single use.

The prototypes are now complete and we have been talking to a large manufacturer about getting the product fitted to their up and coming range of winter gloves.

Product Description

Rucksack ventilation

A product which increases airflow between the rucksack and the wearer. We all hate a damp and wet back. Allowing air to flow freely reduces the build-up of heat which can delay and possibly prevent the back sweating.

Sweat is the body’s natural mechanism to keep cool so reducing heat is key.